Cyber Security

Protect your data and your business

Your business is only as secure as its weakest link. As technology evolves, so do cybersecurity threats. Get Zero Trust protection across your enterprise with Unisys’ comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services and solutions:

Every aspect of business, from the smallest touchpoint to the largest enterprise, is touched by data. Unisys helps you secure your digital assets and keep your clients trust through comprehensive Zero Trust security solutions all while complying with regulatory requirements.


As cyber connections grow, so do the risks of cyberattacks. The first step in strengthening your defenses and moving towards a Zero Trust posture is understanding exactly where you stand with your cybersecurity program. For example, do you know what’s on your network and whom? Are you aware of the cybersecurity responsibilities for each role in your organization? How will you respond to a ransomware attempt? What’s your overall exposure to compliance risk and reputational damage? Cybersecurity Consulting services can help you answer these questions, and more so you can mount the best defense against rising risks and threats.


Traditional cybersecurity solutions are showing their cracks, which makes moving to Zero Trust a top priority. VPNs have porous security, back-ups are risk-prone, and few organizations can stop an attack in their tracks. Zero Trust is the best approach to enable your environment to address ever-changing regulations, hackers, malware and other cyber threats.


Cybersecurity Solutions from Varun automation enable a more secure environment and a scalable Zero Trust architecture that permits remote user access only to the resources needed, not the entire network. Modernize your cybersecurity environment to tackle your vulnerabilities and shore up your defenses to stop attacks in their place and keep your business safe.


As network hardware and applications continue to proliferate, identifying and managing cyber vulnerabilities can be an overwhelming job. Tools can help, but they lack business intelligence. To effectively implement Zero Trust, you need to accurately assess your network, make sense of threat data, prioritize vulnerabilities, and manage them moving forward; you need security expertise in human form. This is what you gain with the Unisys Threat and Vulnerability Management managed service offering.